Harston Residents' Survey - 2014

The Harston Residents Group was formed in June 2014 in response to the Parish Council’s desire to create a Village Design Statement. At its early meetings the group considered the question of what constitutes Harston’s distinctive identity and so what needs to be preserved to maintain that identity. To start the process the group decided to solicit high-level views from Harston Residents and postcards were distributed to each house in Harston in July and October 2014. Residents were invited to express three things that they like about Harston and three things that they consider could be improved. The questions were deliberately open to avoid prompting answers and the intention was to gain a snapshot of local opinion which could be explored in more depth later.

82 responses were received in total, which represents 12% of households (or alternatively 5% of residents) and so whilst the responses cannot be said to represent the views of the majority of Harston residents, the emerging themes are a good indication of the range of views in the village that people care enough about to respond to a slightly vague survey.

The table below shows the categories into which the comments grouped themselves and the number of responses in each category, giving a view of the relative strength of opinion of the different areas[1]. All of the comments received are given in the full version attached.

[1] Note: some comments are repeated in different categories

What do you like?

The village's amenities (48)
The countryside / local environment (42)
The sense of community & neighbours (32)
Harston's proximity to Cambridge (23)
Harston's access to transport links (17)
The Recreation Ground and Orchard (16)
Living in a village (16)
The village school (14)

What could be improved?

Traffic and the A10 (47)
Traffic speeding (30)
The village's amenities (30)
Recreation facilities (28)
How well the village is maintained (22)
Cycling and walking (18)
Public Transport (10)
Community spirit (9)
Housing (9)
Parking (6)