Harston Residents’ Group meeting minutes 20.08.19

Present: Hilary Roadley, Becki Mason, Sandy Carroll, Linda Churchman, Peter Hayde, Gaynor Hayde, Joy Richardson, Jan Nanor, Claire Cock-Starkey

Apologies: Tim Arnold, Brian Williamson, Saif Ahmad, Tony Mendham

Minutes of previous meeting. Accepted


Points for action

Treasurer handover hasn’t taken place yet.

Carry forward: handover and accounts to group


Publicity: BM has drafted a poster. Agreed by group with thanks.

 Action: JR to send information to Jane Stringer for parish magazine monthly.


Traffic monitoring: GCP is monitoring traffic and pollution (Nitrogen dioxide only). Results not available yet.

Carry forward: SA to get a bike monitor for checking pollution


Website funding: GH said there’s no information yet re cost of website. This is needed in order to apply to Parish Council for funding.

Carry forward: Ask Tim Arnold for cost to forward to Parish Clerk.


Traffic island at London Road: see this meeting’s minutes


Cycleway: see this meeting’s minutes



Some people are having difficulty obtaining the e-newsletter. People need to sign up for it on the HRG website.

Action: monitor how many people sign up to it.

JR advised the Reply All button should be used with care.

There are 2 distribution lists: committee members and regular HRG members.

Action: meeting to be arranged with JR, CC-S, TA, GH and JN to look at the website.

Action: CC-S to ensure latest newsletter is on homepage of website


Buildings of Interest: Criteria = of architectural interest, occupants with historical importance, location of historic issue

Action: HR, JR, PH and CC-S to meet to discuss which buildings should be included on list, date of 26.9 suggested, tbc. Draft list to be created for October PC meeting.

Action: CC-S to email South Cambs DC to ask about how buildings of interest works and if we can submit our list to them.


The Pemberton: Proposal to knock it down and rebuild.

Action: HR suggested we each email the PC to voice concerns about the potential loss of an important frontage.


Planning: Better liaison with PC required to give us heads up.

Action: GH volunteered to be planning liaison.


Traffic: JN showed draft letter to CPCALT, letter was approved.

Action: JN to address to Mayor, sign off from JR on behalf HRG, request response then send to HRG email so it can be sent on from there.


Traffic Island: PC applied for grant to tarmac the traffic island.

Action: SC to feed back to PC HRG’s opposition to tarmac and support for wild flowers.