Harston Residents’ Group meeting minutes 18.06.19

Present: Joy, Gaynor, Jim Chisholm, Pete, Tony, Brian, Sarah, Pilgrim, Dom, Hilary, Becki, Claire, Tim, Peter Topping

Apologies: Linda, Jan, Saif

Really positive interview with members of HRG this morning on local BBC radio, also item recorded for Thursday about the Park and Ride at Hauxton.

Action: Newsletter to include link to interviews

Accounts are in the black which is great but they don’t quite tally.

Action: Tim, Gaynor and Saif to investigate

Roles: Joy nominated as Chair with proviso others will deputise when she is away. Jan and Gaynor nominated as vice chairs. Gaynor nominated as treasurer and Claire to remain as secretary. Tim to continue social media presence. Becki to be in charge of posters. Hilary, Dom and Becki to be key Village Design group. Jan, Brian and Peter will lead on traffic. Dom to continue as Parish Council liaison. Peter happy to continue organising litter picks.

Action: Claire to create template for minutes and agenda. Meetings to be uploaded onto website and minutes to go up on calendar of events a week before each meeting. Also investigate archiving newsletters onto website.

Action: Becki suggested making sandwich boards to place along A10 advertising upcoming meetings for those not online.

Action: Joy to write regular updates on group for parish magazine.

Action: September 22nd agreed as next date for litter pick, Peter to organise and potentially liaise with verge grass cutters.

Update on Park and Ride plans: The joint assembly meeting has agreed to put forward the plans to a full business case despite there being no full plans yet. They have suggested making the site smaller with just 1,000 car parking spaces but this would still add two more sets of traffic lights on the A10.

Action: We need to find out which planning committee will discuss the case and if it will be South Cambs then we should be emailing our district councillors to put forward our case.

Peter Topping also advised to target Pippa Hailings as she is very big on environmental issues.

Meeting of GCP on 27 June is an opportunity to ask questions. Jim suggested just submitting one focused question from the group but this presents an opportunity to raise a few points in the preamble.

Action: Brian, Jan and Pete to draft questions to circulate to group for approval, questions to be submitted 24 June. Tim also hopes to attend meeting as does Sarah who has offered to ask more difficult questions as a citizen rather than part of the group.

Action: Tim to coordinate with Edward Lee of Smarter Cambridge to find out their question so we don’t cover same ground.

Action: Claire to add link to Smarter Cambridge leaflet and form letter to next newsletter.

Planning updates: Porsche did not get planning for their site in Duxford but still hope to move. Pemberton Arms now looking unlikely to be made into a Coop. PC pursuing why such a long delay on decision regarding fish and chip shop in village. Also investigating reports of hard-standing caravans being put up in Button End without permission.

Action: Becki to ask Tony to speak to Ian Sollom about getting heads up on local planning issues and what might be going on with Pem and Vujon sites.

The PC have applied for a grant to sort out the traffic island at north end of the village.

Action: Dom to keep the group updated on progress and future plans.