Harston Residents’ Group meeting minutes 17.09.19

Present: Gaynor, Claire, Pete, Brian, Pilgrim, Peter G., Becki, Dom, Becky, Vince, Nigel

Apologies: Tim, Joy, Hilary, Tony


Minutes reviewed and approved.


Transport: In response to the news that HRG had written to the mayor and received no response Nigel revealed that had also written to the mayor about the P & R and had got a response which basically said the mayor wasn’t responsible and that it was down the GCP.

Action: CCS to resend email to the Mayor requesting a response.

Pollution: Questions were raised around the possibility of the PC monitoring pollution. It was felt that independent, accurate figures were needed to further our case. Dom said he thought more monitoring might be added in the future. Current monitor has been moved to opposite The Pastures.

Action: Gaynor to chase Saif for a bike-mounted pollution monitor.

South West Travel Hub Working Group: Jan reported on her attendance at the South West Travel Hub Working Group. The proposals are now for:

  •     2,112 parking spaces, 10 coach spaces and additional cycle spaces.

  •    A small building with toilets will be constructed. The site will be landscaped with trees.

  •    The site will cover 3 fields with the smallest near the river being left over for biodiversity.

  •  A slip road will come off the A10 to access the site plus another slip road off the M11. A single extra set of traffic lights will be added.

  •  They haven’t yet decided if the buses will move from Hauxton straight to town/biomedical campus or if people will have to change at Trumpington. A bridge for the buses will be built over the M11.

  •  Tim Watkins said the site would be a P & R and then transform into a Travel Hub when the metro was built.

  • Cars will be stacked along the A10 to prevent blockages, it is unclear quite how this will work.

Action: As many as possible to attend the consultation on 19.9.19 at the village hall and ask questions on: how the car stacking will work and how the plan will mitigate increased traffic and pollution in Harston.

Questions were raised as to why the consultation event at the village hall was not better publicised and why the PC were not better advertising it.

Action: CCS to send out short extra newsletter advertising it.


Foxton travel hub: The plans do not include building a footbridge over the A10 and instead they are proposing zebra crossings on the A10!

End of October will see a decision on the route of the Cambridge to Oxford train line which will go through Foxton. Criticism of the lack of joined-up thinking/planning – this travel hub should be informed by the plans for the rail line.

School & pollution: Concerns raised that school numbers are dropping due to worries about pollution on the A10. The group felt that we can’t stop campaigning on this key issue but that instead the school should work to highlight the main school entrance on Station Road, the large field and the numerous awards secured by the school.

Bus Zoning: Pilgrim created a poster to show how Stagecoach fare zoning has unfairly penalised Harston which pays the same higher rate to get into Cambridge as those living miles away in Kings Lynn.

Action: CCS or TA to add Pilgrim’s map to website and share on social media. Pilgrim to email the mayor about the bus problem.

Discussions around the accountability of the GCP and their conflict of interest.

Smarter Cambridge presentation: This useful presentation had some good facts and figures and would be useful for our campaign but their proposal for a bypass suggested the route go along the railway line and then down London Road which is contrary to Harston’s need.

Action: Peter to contact Edward Leigh and constructively suggest that Harston is not happy with their proposal and perhaps we could work on a new one together? Invite Edward to Leigh to next meeting.

Expansion plans for the doctors’ surgery has been withdrawn for now while they sort out parking issues.

Notification of meetings. It was pointed out that not enough people know when HRG meetings are.

Action: Gaynor to post reminder of meetings at least a week before each meeting.