Harston Residents’ Group meeting minutes 16.07.19

Present: Gaynor Hayde, Dominic Bellamy, Hilary Roadley, Peter Hayde, Brian Williamson, Becki Mason, Linda Churchman, Saif Ahmad, Tim Arnold, Jan Nanor

Apologies: Claire, Tony

Discussion of minutes from last meeting and actions arising 


Accounts are done and will be circulated. Action: GH and SA to meet to hand over treasurer information.

BW to submit bill for video to SA.

Signboards and publicity

Signboards needed to advertise forthcoming HRG meetings a few days beforehand: junction of London Road and A10, The Limes, the Green.

A4 posters: HGR meetings on 3rd Tuesday of the month in shop, surgery, village hall etc.

Fliers for Better Brew.

Action: BM to take responsibility for this publicity.

Litter pick

Sept 22nd.

Action: PH to email Jane stringer to advertise in parish magazine.

BM to publicise it around 22nd August.

Executive meeting update.

Questions were answered as a block. General rather than specific answers and no clear strategy. TA: GCP hasn’t followed due process as stated in 2018.

TM, LibDem Councillor is pursuing transport issues in other forums.

Action: BW, PH and JN to continue to work on transport issues relating to Harston and keep HRG updated.

HRG members to contact Brockenshire, Exec Board, Heidi Allen, Van de Weyer and GCP members with questions and complaints.

Compile list of email recipients and put it on HRG website with key points to include in emails.

Pollution and traffic monitoring

New NO2 tubes along High Street. Traffic monitoring on A10 near London Road. Who is responsible for them? HRG wants Harston to be given information about the source of the monitoring, reasons for it etc.

Action: BM to research who is responsible and how information will be used.

SA to get a bike-mounted pollution monitor.

Update on planning in Harston

DB. Pemberton Arms: Developers plan to build 4 starter flats, otherwise Coop store would be uneconomic to develop. No application yet.

HR. The site is near monument and this should be considered.

Vujon: it’s under offer but no information yet.


Membership and circulation list.

Nominated members have access to group email. Everyone else has no access but can set up their own group email.

Action: TA to provide information on setting up group email. Treasurer to officially apply to Harston PC  Clerk for funding for website. Awaiting info from TA

Traffic island: Application for £10,000 plus £5,000 from PC to improve entrance to village at London Road junction. Highways is responsible.


Speed signs upgrade: a parish councillor is responsible for this.


Melbourne Greenway: Consultation document has been distributed in Harston. Final public exhibition is in Harston VH on 25th July, 6-8pm. Questionnaire deadline 5th August.



Safety issue with current cycleway: Cyclists do not want to use the cycleway through Harston because so many driveways cross it.


Cambs and Peterbro’ Local Transport Plan: PH and BW attended. It would be useful for people to comment on consultation doc. As there are no plans to improve transport SW of Trumpington.

Village planning

Local Plan meeting in Shelford on 17th July.



Current planning issues: House under construction next to the Pem. Plans were approved for traditional 4-bed family home but it is 3-storey and taller than original plans. Out of character with the village.

Concerns expressed about some planning applications and planning permission given in Harston.


Land for affordable housing: PC has asked if there are any parcels of land in Harston that can be used.


6. Liaison with the Parish Council

Fish and chip shop application pending at village shop. PC is in touch with owner to progress it.


BP garage has submitted Subway application.


Salvation Army has applied for shoe and clothing recycling container on rec.


Media relating to P&R: No further action at present.


Environment: Some of the trees that were planted on the rec have been damaged or destroyed. The police are dealing with it.


Community Day:  A Harston Community day is suggested for next year, involving the community groups.


Fundraising: Useful to have source of funding for specific projects. Local grants are available for community events.