Harston Traffic Campaign is an offshoot website from Harston Residents' Group (HRG), highlighting the biggest concern for local residents: the problems caused by growing traffic and shrinking public transport services through Harston. How do we know this is important to local people? We asked them.

Harston is being forgotten in plans by both the Greater Cambridge Partnership and Cambs & Peterborough Combined Authority which aim to alleviate congestion in Cambridge. In fact, our village is being sacrificed to improve things in the City itself:

No to Hauxton P&R.png

What you can do to help

We need each any every Harston resident to write to the Greater Cambridge Partnership, proposers of this scheme, with their concerns about how it will negatively impact their health and quality of life through increased traffic. We'd also like you to write to Heidi Allen, our MP, and Mayor Palmer of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority.

Simply download our letter template, below, or write your own, and send to:

Harston Bypass - an idea whose time has come

In 1992, a petition for a Harston bypass, signed by more than 1,000 Harston residents, was presented in the House of Commons. For various reasons it didn't happen then, but with the exponential growth in traffic volume through our village over the past few years, we feel that now is the time for action.

Getting a bypass won't be easy, but it has to remain our top aspiration in a range of measures to reduce the traffic in Harston, which is killing the community and businesses alike.

Two things you can do now to help us towards this goal:

Support our campaign to reduce traffic in Harston!

Any money raised will be used solely for the purposes of campaigning for a bypass and fighting local infrastructure projects which threaten to worsen Harston's traffic problems. This may include the cost of setting up a campaign website, purchasing materials for placards, banners etc.