A Plan for Harston

HRG is holding a Community Development Day. Come and have your say on the future of Harston.

Harston Village Hall, 8 October, 2-5pm - all welcome

Founded in 2014, Harston Residents’ Group (HRG) was originally set up with the aim of creating a Village Design Statement in partnership with the Parish Council.  For various reasons, that didn’t happen – but the Group and its website continued to promote activities, events and businesses in Harston with a view to strengthening the sense of community here.

HRG is run entirely voluntarily by local people for the benefit of the community.  It works with the Parish Council but is separate from it.  Membership is free and open to anyone who lives in Harston – not that you need to sign up to anything.  If you want to receive updates on our activity, subscribe to our newsletter, Like our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter.  If you want to get more involved in the planning and organising of our activities, come along to our monthly meetings.  You can do as much or as little as you like.

In late 2016, concerned residents got together to discuss cuts to the 26 Cambridge-Royston off-peak bus service.  The resulting campaign, which has successfully returned the service to hourly, drew many new residents to the re-established monthly meetings.  This increase in people power gave us the scope to expand our ideas.  We quickly discovered that many of us shared the same concerns around issues like litter, traffic and development.

With a renewed sense of purpose and a growing group of active members, we have decided to revisit the idea of creating A Plan for Harston.  We’ve called it that as we don’t yet know if it will become a formal Neighbourhood Plan, led by the Parish Council and adopted by South Cambridgeshire District Council.  Neighbourhood Plans are focussed on future development but also give the scope to include social, economic and environmental issues.  They require a big investment of time and money – for which grants are available – and we’re not yet sure that it is quite right for us.  We know that there’s an appetite for this sort of thing, though, as close to 200 of you have lent your support to the idea at various events in Harston, for which we are very grateful.

What we definitely do want is for Harston residents to have more of a say on the future of their village, particularly with regards to the sort of developments and amenities we need.  Where should new housing be built - and what should it look like?  Do we need more amenities such as shops and doctors’ surgeries to support the growth of housing?  Would having access to more fresh food locally reduce the number of car journeys in and out of Harston?  Is there enough for young people to do?  Could we find new ways to link up sections of the village to create pedestrian routes away from the A10?  Does the village have a particular character and is that something we want to preserve?  Is traffic a problem and how could we solve it?  These are just a few example questions to get you thinking about your aspirations and vision for the village of the future.

To set out our collective vision for Harston, we’re inviting everyone to participate in a Community Development Day at the Village Hall on Sunday 8 October 2017, 2-5pm.  There will be discussion, workshops, activities for kids and refreshments.  Once we know what people’s aspirations are for the village – and how much help and support we have from residents – we can look at the best way to take these ideas forward.

As ever, please get in touch with us at harstonresidents@gmail.com or call Tim on 07813336686 if you have any questions or ideas.  We’ll update you periodically as we put some structure to the day.  Look forward to seeing you there!


A Plan for Harston

Sunday 8 October, 2-5pm @ Harston Village Hall