At a meeting in February 2015 we discussed our aspirations for how the village might develop. These are noted below.


  1. Identify small areas of land for development but keep within the Local Plan (as in less than 8 houses per development). Prioritise brownfield sites and use new government policies to change the use to give preference to developments that include starter homes, social/affordable housing, sheltered housing or houses for people with existing links to the village.
  2. Consider possibility of including Button End within the Village Framework as this is part of the village and some development could be allowed in character with existing housing areas.
  3. Any new developments should be in keeping with the style of the village and not more than two storeys high.
  4. Ensure any developments with a number of houses feed out onto existing side roads and avoid feeding directly onto the A10 to minimise the number of exits onto the A10.


  1. Reduce or manage the traffic through the village to reduce speed and congestion – consider options including a bypass.
  2. Look at the viability of re-opening Harston train station.
  3. Increase pedestrian crossing points (not traffic lights) on the A10 and improve safety of roadside paths for pedestrians and cyclists.
  4. Improve the bus routes and extend to evenings and weekends. Consider a possible bus service to the park and ride.
  5. Improve the connectivity of walking and cycle paths around the village and try to create more options for travel off the A10.
  6. Improve the footpath network between housing developments, and to the school, and along the parish boundary to develop more circular walks.


  1. Re-site the doctor’s surgery within the village (to a location with good access and sufficient parking) to reduce congestion on Church Street.
  2. Improve the facilities at the recreation ground e.g. tennis court, skate park, bike track etc.
  3. Ensure the maintenance/continuance of all current local services/facilities especially the Post Office, convenience goods shop and doctor’s surgery.
  4. Improvements to the village school and creation of a seventh classroom.
  5. Develop a community meeting place. Potentially a drop in or cafe at the village hall.
  6. Create a community event, such as an Apple Day, to bring the community together.


  1. Protect the rural heritage of the village e.g. the water pumps, livery stables and houses with gardens.
  2. Maintain the green space around Harston and the green spaces between Harston and Hauxton.
  3. Protect/manage the orchard and drift. To ensure its best use and future.
  4. Provide better access to environmental areas of interest such as the clunch/chalk pits and countryside sites within the parish.
  5. Identify some of the rural heritage with heritage information boards around the village.


  1. Support local businesses and encourage more jobs locally.

What do you think? If you have any comments on these aspirations we'd love to hear them.