10th March 2015 Meeting

Here are the action points from the 10th March meeting:


Niall gave an update that the playground equipment is installed and waiting for inspection. The Parish Council is working out how to pay for the equipment before the grant will be received. The Parish Council will decide whether to open the playground for use before pathways are created.

The group offered either to support or lead on a community event to celebrate the new playground.


Neighbourhood Plan

It was agreed that a Neighbourhood Plan seems unlikely to meet the Group’s aspirations. It was noted that in any event CIL contributions from developers to the Parish Council are now only required on developments of at least eleven properties and so a Neighbourhood Plan is unlikely to increase income to the village.

It was also felt that a Village Design Statement would not meet the Group’s aspirations.

In the absence of developing formal planning documents, the Group agreed that its strengths lie in its ability to help communicate village information and in responding flexibly to individual issues as and when they arise. Not being involved in considering planning policies also gives the Group a healthy separation from the Parish Council, enabling each to play its role jointly or separately as required.




There was a suggestion that there is an opportunity on General Election day to survey residents if there is a need to gain views from a wider cross-section of the village on any topics.


Pathways & Cycleways

There was agreement that the group wanted to focus on taking a proactive approach to mapping out its ideal pathways and cycleways which could then be implemented as and when opportunities and funding arise. This is to be a focus for the next meeting.