Answers on a postcard

Back in May 2014, a group of residents who shared an interest in the village's character, infrastructure and future, came together to talk about the current situation in Harston and how that might change over time.

It quickly became clear that there were a whole raft of issues to tackle – housing development, local history, the natural environment, local businesses, the needs of children and teenagers, transport, cycle paths, trees, sports facilities, a sense of community – the list was endless. Where to start? Were the issues that we were interested in also important to the wider Harston community?

The sensible way forward seemed to be to create a short, snappy survey that would give us an idea of the burning issues that everyone feels are important, the elements of Harston that people think define the village's character, the amenities that could be improved and the things that never even occurred to us...

We are literally asking for “answers on a postcard” and from today you will be able to find our survey postcards around the village in the following places:

The Baptist Church, All Saints’ Church, The Village Stores, Eden's Flowers, Hairs and Graces, Meadow Way Community Room, the Pemberton Arms, the Queen’s Head, the Three Horseshoes, Vujon or the BP Garage.

A postcard for each household will be included in the upcoming Village Magazine for August/September and the completed postcards can be returned to any of the places listed above.

Many of you will find it more convenient to fill in the survey online.

Initially the Harston Residents' Group was formed to create planning guidance for the local Council with a fairly long term view. There are a few 'official' forms which this guidance could take (e.g. Village Design Statement, Parish Plan, Neighbourhood Plan) and one of the things that we are working on is deciding which document (if any) would best serve the needs of the village. 

Whichever form is chosen, the common theme for all of them is a strong mandate from the village community. Whether the Group goes down the route of preparing official planning guidance or focuses on helping the village community in other ways, your views are of utmost importance and will guide the Group's next steps.

We hope that for some of you the survey will only be the beginning of your involvement - feel free to come along to our meetings (sign up to the newsletter for the details), share your stories about the village for this website or tell us what matters to you and help us to continue to make Harston a community where we all enjoy living.

Time to fill in the survey!