what is the harston residents' group?

We are a group of Harston residents who came together originally in May 2014 in response to the Parish Council's call for volunteers to create a Village Design Statement. We've not done that but may do so in the future or may support the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan if the Parish Council decide they want to (which is likely as the Parish will receive 25% of any Community Infrastructure Levy paid by developers instead of the current 15%). 

We are an informal group - there's no official structure, rules or obligations. We don't have any "authority" (other than powers of persuasion) and certainly are not a rival to the Parish Council.

A few of us have taken on roles in the group to help keep the wheels turning. Alastair Oatey and Claire Cock-Starkey agreed to chair the group’s meetings. Tim Arnold leads on our communications. Andrew Cock-Starkey created and maintains our website, with photography from Helen Hartley. Niall O’Byrne and Steve Wilson are our links with the Parish Council and Joy Richardson and Hilary Roadley are leading our Local History activities.

The group reflects the composition of the village  from parents to grandparents, school governors to Parish Councillors, the self-employed to the retired. What unites us is a passion to protect the interests of Harston.


our aims

We want to:

  • Protect and enhance Harston's heritage and character
  • Enable campaigns on village issues
  • Communicate village information
  • Deepen the sense of community in the village


What can you do?

Join us: You are very welcome to join any of our meetings. Join us for one or more of our meetings or join one of our sub-groups that is focussed on a particular issues. Email us and we'll let you know what's happening.

Follow us: You can keep in touch with us: